Riding The Spine

Views from the Great Divide :



Obstacle Course

            Added: Photo Gallery of Biking across Southern Chile (December 28, 2009)

Shelter from the Wind

            (Archived) (November 19, 2009) Photo Gallery of Biking across Northern Argentina

Salar de Uyuni

            (Archived) (September 2, 2009) Photo Gallery of Biking through Bolivia

Skull Rapid

            (Archived) (June 08, 2009) Cotahuasi River Expedition

Cordilleras Blancas

            (Archived) (May 12, 2009) Second photo gallery of Biking in Peru


            (Archived) (April 12, 2009) Photo Gallery of Biking in Peru

Riding Dirt Roads That Don´t Exist on Maps

            (Archived) (February 09, 2009) Photo Gallery of Biking in Ecuador

Chimborazo Above 20K in Elevation

            (Archived) (Februaruy 09, 2009) Photo Gallery of Adventures in Ecuador

Watch out for the Landslides

            (Archived) (January 4th, 2009 Photo Gallery of Colombia

Eddy in Rio Atrato

            (Archived) (October 24, 2008) Photo Gallery of Kuna Comarca

Ngobe Houses

            (Archived) (December 06, 2008) Photo Gallery of Panama

Costa Rica

            (Archived) (February 27, 2008) Photo Gallery of Costa Rica


            (Archived) (January 27, 2008) Photo Gallery of Nicaragua

Sean and his Big Dummy

            (Archived) (January 13, 2008) Photo Gallery of Honduras

Jacob Self Portrait

            (Archived) (November 18th, 2007) Photo Gallery of Tajumulco

Guatemalteca Photos

            (Archived)(December 24th, 2007) Photos from Guatemala

Photos from a brief hiatus

            (Archived) (September 29th, 2007) Photos from a brief hiatus added

Central/Southern Mexico Photos

            (Archived) (September 15th, 2007) Central/Southern Mexico Photos

Northern Mexico Photos

            (Archived) (August 1st, 2007) Photos from Northern Mexico

Arizona Photos

            (Archived) (April 14th, 2007) Photos from Arizona

Utah Photos

            (Archived) (Jan. 27th, 2007). A few photos from our stay in Moab

Colorado Gallery

            (Archived) (Nov. 29th, 2006). Getting back on the single track with the Kokopelli Trail and Slick Rock

Wyoming Gallery

            (Archived) (Nov. 29th, 2006). Took a detour to see Yellowstone. It was closed for the season and we had the entire park to ourselves. Check out the dramatic photographs of the geysers at West Thumb.

Montana Gallery

            (Archived) (Oct. 19th, 2006). Crossing the Continental Divide through layers of snow. (Warning: Files larger than normal, be patient and let images load.)

Alberta Gallery

            (Archived) (Sept. 27thth, 2006). Snowstorms and glaciers. Heading through Jasper and Banff on the Icefield Parkway.

British Columbia

            (Archived). Life in Super natural British Columbia. Northern Lights, buffalo, good times.

Yukon Gallery I

            (Archived). Photos of our trip through the Yukon Territory.

Alaska Pictures

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