Riding the Spine

  • Deadhorse Airport:
    Unpacking was all a blur
  • Welcome to Prudhoe Bay
    Goodbye beautiful oil town
  • Services
    Only 240 miles away, huh?
  • Mosquitoes
    Do you want some food with your mosquitoes?
  • Mosquitoes
    Sean wants to keep some as a pet. He will surely miss them.
  • Happy Valley
    Sean likes this sign
  • Stove??
    Goat forgot the stove pump and we were forced to magically will fires into being in the cold, wet, arctic tundra so we could cook our primarily dried food
  • Flat Tire
    Sean was the first victim
  • Pipeline
    Wandering around on Alaska's varicose vein pumping 28,000 gallons of oil per minute
  • Leatherneck Humor
    Not quite sure what to think of this one
  • Deep Contemplation
    Goat and Sean contemplating the mysteries of life.
  • Atigun Pass
    Our first test, a 5,000 foot snowy pass
  • Atigun Pass
    Approaching with apprehension
  • Victory
    Fearlessly conquers the pass.
  • Tourist Attraction
    Further evidence that duct tape can fix just about anything.
  • Coldfoot
    Maybe a first for the locals of Coldfoot to see somebody bike through barefoot. He claims his feet were not cold, despite the particular locale we were occupying.
  • Alaska
    Another day, another hill
  • Midnight Sun
    Neverending sunsets here in Alaska
  • Yukon River
    Humungous river where we soaked our sore legs.
  • Alaskan Hills
    Purple mountains majesty
  • Warning
    Chased a motorcycle, huh? How about a bicyclist?
  • Arctic Circle
    Crossing an imaginary line is worth a picture
  • Randy & his BMW
    Left his wife, kids and job to travel around America on his beautiful BMW motorcycle
  • MikeLikeBike
    A friend we met near the most northern (cut down but duct taped back together) Spruce tree along the Alaskan Pipeline. Mike was an awesome character to encounter. We wished he was heading the same direction as us. He teaches in Seattle at school devoted to homeless youth populations. Check out his website and his travels at www.mikelikebike.com
  • A grundler
    Otherwise known as a long steep hill
  • Swimmin' Hole
    Nice place to take a quick dip.
  • Alaska
    Rumor has it there were Dall sheep up there, but I couldn't see any
  • Alaska
    Everything in Alaska seems to be big. The mosquitoes, the moose, our appetites, etc. etc.
  • Brooks Range
    One horizon after another. The rough life of a bicycle adventurer; so many beautiful views.
  • Alaska/Canada
    Seems like these two have some differences to settle.
  • Oleg & Igor
    Our Russian friends who snuck us into an "Employee Appreciation" dinner @ Denali Park.
  • Santa Claus
    He was not home when we went to visit.
  • Food
    Can never really eat enough
  • Barn
    A relic of the past
  • Salmon Run
    A family trying to catch a meal that has travelled over 2,000 miles to spawn
  • Toupee
    What we will look like if we get lost.
  • River Sunset
    Swirling river under a beautiful Alaskan Sunset
  • Cabin Sign
    Outside of Tok in the Alaskan wilderness
  • Taylor Highway
    A picture is worth less than a thousand words
  • Border
    Slackers who didn't make it into the border before it closed
  • Canada, eh?
    Hopefully they'll let three haggard cyclists through
  • Santa Claus
    Magical Land
  • Eggs
    Huge boost to our quality of life
  • Swamp Home
    Nice roadside camping
  • Zen Moment
    Sean having a zen moment
  • Goat
    Zenning out
  • Stretching?
    NO explanation offered.
  • Hills
    They get bigger and bigger as the roads go on
  • Goat and Chicken
    They get along nicely
  • Chicken community
    Worthwhile stop
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