Riding the Spine

  • Snow
    It Begins
  • Snow
    Headed up the hill to Grand Cache
  • Goat
    A cold, but happy goat.
  • Sean
    Loves the snow.
  • Jacob
    Cold self-portrait
  • Camp
    How much will it snow tonight?
  • Sean
    Supervising the tent construction
  • Night of snow
    Enough to cave in our tent throughout the night.
  • Bikes
    I thought I parked them somewhere around here.
  • Bikes
    They are under there somewhere
  • Camp
  • Coldfeet
    I have no explanation
  • PT Cruiser
    Cruised off the highway.
  • Snow biking
    Not all the roads had clear lines. We encountered some challenging snow riding.
  • Semi
    Has seen better days
  • Folded Mountains
    A sight to behold
  • Clear Skies
    Epic mountains
  • Jasper
    Lovely roads to Jasper.
  • Singletrack
    Nice trails from Jasper to Banff.
  • Sean
    Cyclo-tourist meets dowhill
  • Columbia Glacier
    Camped at the base
  • Columbia Glacier
    Practicing our ice riding skills
  • Sasquatch
    Bulletin: Sasquatch footprints found on the glacier.
  • Team Photo
    All smiles at the foot of a glacier.
  • Glacier
    A little bike maintenance completed.
  • Another team photo
    Happy the weather cleared up that day.
  • Glacier downhill riding
    Not the safest event
  • Beauitful campsite
    Woke up on the lakeside with this postcard view
  • Bow Pass
    Highest pass yet.
  • Bow pass
    Started at the far end of the valley.
  • Dead Moose
    Mid-Day Meal.
  • Coal Power Plant
    Source of all the foul weather.
  • Trucker in Ditch
    Luckily I was not in his way.
  • Jasper Park
    Placid Lake.
  • Tanya
    Benevolent host, superhero single-mother, and incredible musician.
  • Columbia Icefields
    Postcard View.
  • Athabasca Glacier
    Billowing Clouds.
  • Athabasca Glacier
    Steep Ascent.
  • Banff Springs Hotel
    Discreet charm of the Bourgeoisie
  • Sean
    Action shot of Sean speeding ahead.
  • Enjoyingthe carfree route
    Enjoying the car-free route
  • Team Photo
    Beautiful campsite
  • Sunset
    Otherworldly clouds
  • Sunset
    Stunning clouds
  • Brutal Uphill
    Action shot of Sean pushing his bike up an impossibly steep hill
  • Closeup
    A closer view of Sean's misery
  • Impossible Hill
    An action shot of goat pushing his rig
  • Waterfall
    SHower in "warm" glacial melt
  • 3,000 miles
    That is one proud odometer
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