Riding the Spine

  • Groceries
    Dividing the food
  • Traditional Hogan
    Warm place to escape the subzero temperatures
  • Traditional Hogan
    A view Inside
  • Antelope Pass in the background
    Uh Oh.. The North Rim is Closed
  • Jacob Lake
    Staging Ground for Grand Canyon Challenge
  • Hwy 67
    (Barely) Packed enough to ride
  • Snowy Road
    Trying to hold an edge on the icy surface
  • Cold Xtracycle
    Never gets sick of posing for the camera
    And a beautiful day to haul your bike.... OUT OF THE GRAND CANYON
  • Foldable bikes
    This just might be a long day.
  • Hike-A-BIKE
    Could somebody get that bicycle OFF my back
  • Rim-To-Rim Warning
    It doesn't mention bringing a bike with you
  • Grand Canyon
    Not Grand for nothing
  • Switchbacks
    Now THOSE are switchbacks
  • Sunset
    Quite a sight
  • Jerry
    Photo with our friend from the canyon
  • Mules
    Can I hitch a ride?
  • Sean
    Back into the canyon, once again
    Looking for California Condors
  • S. Kaibab Trail
    Round 2
  • Bridge
    Suspension Bridge
  • Mules
    Bringin in supplies
  • Camping Out
    Cooking up breakfast, north of Flagstaff
  • Sacred Buffaloes
    So sacred, we take Visa, Mastercard, and Cash and will sell you anything, including buffalo jerky
  • Rye Locals
    Mingling with the natives
  • Four Peaks
    Camping at the saddle
  • Mini-Summit
    At the top of one of four peaks
  • Scorpions
    Check your boots
  • Arizona Trail Sunset
    Love the desert
  • Navigating the AZT
    Yes we are LOST, again.
  • Windmill
    Camping at the saddle
  • One of Four
    Thunderstorm in the desert
  • Downhill
    Through a box canyon to the Gila River
  • Adobe HOuse
    Hidden in the Arizona Desert
  • Jumping Cholla
    Bikers nemesis
  • Nate Checking out Verde Valley
    Enjoying the scenery
  • Nate Ripping the Dirt Road
    Enjoying the ride
  • Child's Hot Springs
    Rumor to Have Been Visited by Al Capone
  • Crossing the Verde River
    Many more to come after this one.
  • Gila Monster
    Trying to hide from the photographer
  • Kevin Leonard
    Showing us the good trails
  • Gary & Mary
    Car Cowboys camping in the desert wilderness at a spring oasis. Cooked us up an incredible dinner and breakfast and were wonderful company.
  • Creek Crossing
    In the hot desert, the bigger the splash, the more enjoyable the crossing
  • Verde Valley
    Steep Mountains
  • Saguaro Cactus
    Forests of cactus..
  • Sheep Bridge
    One less river to ford
  • Sunshine
    Getting a little shade.
  • Fording A River
    Good thing we have dry bags.
  • Rocky Roads
    Not your average road
  • Spring Time
    Ocotillo Blooms
  • Desert
    Spring is a nice time to visit
  • Spring Flowers
    Don't get too close to smell them.
  • Sean & His Guitar in the Middle of Nowhere
    Singin' a little flat tire blues
  • Top of a Hill
    Checking out how far we pedaled
  • Rocky Roads
    Not your average road
  • Box Canyon
    4 Bikes and 1 Goat
  • Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
    Just getting a little sun.
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