Riding the Spine

  • Welcome
    The sign says itall
  • Dinosaurs
    The national monument was closed, this was the best we could get.
  • Petroglyphs
    Wild country we're in.
  • Downhill
    Beginning of 35 miles of easy coasting
  • Goatheads
    The flattest tire I've ever seen. (Goat was ran off the road)
  • Kokopelli Trail
    Sean on the Salt Bridge
  • Kokopelli Trail
  • Kokopelli Trail
    Hiking these bikes is RIDICULOUS
  • Kokopelli Trail
    Are you kidding me?
  • Canyon Rim
    Epic singletrack bike touring
  • Sean on the Kokopelli
    Enjoying the view
  • Sunset
    Another photo-op
  • Kokopelli Trail
    Beautiful snowy mountains
  • Windmill
    May there be a tailwind
  • Bike Nomad
    Seanless and stoveless campfire
  • Innovative stove
    Rice, Beans and Jimmy Dean
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