Riding the Spine

  • Hike Through Coffee Farms With Roberto
    La Finca Villa Alicia
  • La Catarata
    El Niagara
  • La Flora
    El Niagara
  • Chivo
    Enjoying the scenery
  • Rio Above El Niagara
    Roberto and Sean wandering along the river
  • Flower in Guatemala
    Bright yellow flowers
  • Una Catarata
    Another Waterfall in the distance
  • La Finca Villa Alicia
    Coffee being processed
  • La Finca Villa Alicia
    Processing Coffee
  • La Finca Villa Alicia
    Coffee Being Processed
  • La Finca Villa Alicia
    Yep..Coffee being processed.
  • La Finca Villa Alicia
    Mountains of Coffee
  • La Finca Villa Alicia
    Workers Processing the Coffee
  • Big Dummy
    Resting at a coffee farm
  • San Rafael Pie de la Cuesta
    Jacob´s bike enjoying the view
  • Guatemalan Single-Track
    Muddy trails.
  • Guatemalan Zero-Track
    Dude, where´s the trail?
  • Guatemalan Single-Track
    Dangerous muddy, mossy steps
  • Guatemalan Single-Track
    At the Edge of a 70 foot cliff
  • Chicken Bus
    Playing chicken with a chicken bus along a dirt road headed to aguas thermales.
  • Hammock Treehouse
    Sean missing his Santa Cruz treehouse, sets up his home in a big oak tree
  • Subset in Guatemalan Valley
    Heading to our campsite alter soaking in hot springs.
  • Waterfall Crossing
    Crossing a river before it plunges down the rocks."
  • Flowering Procession
    Beautiful flowering designs for a celebration.
  • This is our turn
    Before we hike our bikes up the mountain
  • Steeper than it looks
    A veritable wall
  • Tiny towns under quilts of agriculture
    Possibly the first gringos these villagers have seen
  • You call that a switchback?
    And yes, it is much steeper than it looks
  • Only 8 Kilometers to the Top
    A grueling 3 plus hour ride.
  • Looking down the valley of a treacherously steep dirt road
    Long ways up from the horizon
  • Lago Atitlan
    Into the Vortex we go
  • Lago Atitlan
    Dangerous Dirt Roads
  • Lago Atitlan
    This is the downhill stretch
  • Lago Atitlan
    Towering Volcano
  • Lago Atitlan
    Light Rays
  • Lago Atitlan
    Towering Volcano
  • Volcan Acatanengo
    Grumbling Mountain Roads
  • The Painters Momentarily Become Part of their Own Picture
    Lago Atitlan Mural
  • Sunrise Over Lago atitlan
    Diffused light
  • The Man Could Carry a Whole House
    Back Breaking Labor
  • Corn Crops Have Taken over the Timber
    Crop Patches
  • Coffee Farm
    Back road through miles of coffee farms
  • Guatemalan Highlands
    Enjoying the view we would soon have to ride over
  • Friends in Rabinal
    Human rights workers we spent a few days with
  • Mountain Towns
    Little village up in the mountains
  • Village House
    Simple home in the mountains
  • Treacherous Mud Path
    Steep, clifflined muddy walking trail dropping thousands of feet to the river...before going right back up.
  • Suspension Bridge
    Rickety ol´bridge crossing the river
  • Rickety Bridge
    Carefully crossing the bridge
  • Filtering Water
    Watching the river float on by
  • Singletrack
    Out in the middle of nowhere
  • Singletrack
    Outskirts of an indian village
  • Semuc Champey
    Waterfalls at the exit of the underground river
  • Guatemalan Landscape
    Egg Shaped mountains
  • Semuc Champey Waterfalls
    Limestone Deposits form a series of waterfalls
  • Semuc Champey
    Birds Eye view of the natural wonder
  • Semuc CHampey
    Cliff lined waterway with beautiful swimmin holes and jumping rocks
  • Dromedary Bag
    Ran over with a car and did not rupture
  • Leaving Semuc Champey
    Un quetzal, meester
  • Semuc Back Roads
    Beautiful trails through the mountains
  • Semuc Champey
    Birds Eye view of the natural wonder
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