Riding the Spine

  • Banana Plantation
    Banana Fields Forever
  • Cardboard Road Block
    Bundles of cardboard flew off the semi, a result of the crazy driving down here
  • Lost in the Palms
    Looking for a suitable campsite
  • Putting 2007 Down to Rest
    Burn the old year and make room for the new year
  • Suspension Bridge
    At the edge of a Garifuna village
  • Stormy Weather
    Brought death and destruction to the coast of Honduras
  • Fishing Boat
    Bad day to go fishing. Two people who tried to were found floating at the mouth of the river
  • Gimme Shelter
    The house we holed up in to weather the storm
  • Beasts of Burden
    In Comayagua city, these beasts bring in the cement mix
  • Honduras
    A bit of patriotism
  • Strange Bug
    Guardian of the Carratera
  • Pulperia
    Enjoying a refresco and a bit of shade
  • Bike Repairs
    A few last minute bike repairs
  • Las Llantas
    Jose (On the right) joined us for a day of riding
  • Campspot
    Traveling nomads with their hammock homes and cargo bikes
  • Honduran Moutnains
    A little climbing
  • Dinnertime
    Check out the bike tans on those gringos
  • Early Morning
    Jacob cooking breakfast before the sunrise
  • Sean
    His head up in the clouds
  • Jacob Self Portrait
    Sean practicing a bit of roadside Yoga
  • Honduran Casa
    Hillside casa with rainclouds forming overhead
  • Rock Formations
    After crossing the continental divide, the landscape of Honduras dried up and offered amazing slick rock riding and weird rock formations in the background
  • Sean
    Riding along mushroom shaped cliffs
  • Honduras
    A slice of downhill into the countryside
  • Action Shot
    Sean shredding away
  • Mountains or the Chupacabra
    What catches your eye, the Chupacabra, or the landscape?
  • Headed towards the Mountains
    Passing a little adobe house
  • Goat
    A Goat?
  • Honduras
    Riding at the base of cliffs
  • Breakfast
    Enjoying a leisurely breakfast at our campsite in a mango orchard
  • Russ
    Pedaling along Calle Feo
  • Goat
    Goat and the Chupacabra touring Honduras
  • Sean
    Ripping across the Honduras Countryside
  • Spiners
    Rest stop under the watchful eye of the locals wondering what the heck these gringos are doing in their town
  • Rest Stop
  • Russ
    The last few meters of a huge climb
  • Bici Mecanico
    Future ciclista
  • Spiners
    Chasing the tail of South America
  • Campspot
    Goat sees our home for the night
  • Butterfly
    Relaxing in the light ray
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