Riding the Spine

  • Sunset
    Organ Pipe Cactus.
  • Gusauve Family
    We miss them already
  • Tamales
    Absolutely the best we’ve ever had in our lives.
  • Toll Road Blues
    Tree seemed to be sad to live so close to the ugly toll road down the coast towards Mazatlan.
  • Las Labradars
    Beach with spiral petroglyphs {and JEJENES del Diablo}.
  • Petroglyphs
    A message from a time long ago.
  • Las Labradars
    Mysterious Beach
  • Mazatlan
    It could almost be a nice place if only there wasn’t the city there.
  • ExPat Party
    A break from the humble farming life in Aticama.
  • Hospitable Folks
    New Friends in Sayulita.
  • Agave Fields
    Ranchito Roads.
  • Una Brecha
    A little overgrown for a backroad
  • Brecha
    No cars as road hazards, just the unpredictable livestock.
  • Huge Cactus
    Oddly enough, we found these rather high in the Sierras.
  • Pet Squirrel
    This kids dad kindly offered us some cane alcohol strong enough to run a car off of, and make us sick with one swig.
  • Shrine
    A day after the scorpion sting, Goat spent some quality time behind this shrine puking.
  • Sierra Madres del Sur
    Muddy mountain passes and beautiful vistas.
  • Bike Shop Friends
    Hanging out in a local bikeshop.
  • Tarantulas
    Tried to attack my bike.
  • Volcanic Singletrack
    Unbelievably epic single track on volcanic trails.
  • Sharing the Road
    The reason we avoid pavement.
  • Church
    Buried in Lava after a farmer discovered a volcano sprouting from his fields.
  • Goat
    Wandering around the church.
  • The Church
    Yep...Still buried in lava.
  • Chupacabra
    In its element
  • River Crossing
    Slippery paths
  • River Shrine
    May our path be found.
  • Ranchito
    Small villages without an abarrotes
  • Fork in the Road
    Took a wrong turn at this one
  • Advice
    Can found sitting on an ass.
  • Mucha Suvida
    Steep, endless sweltering uphill.
  • Wise Grasshopper
    Sharing a spot in the shade during our siesta.
  • Muddy Trails
    Sometimes the front wheel will sink down to the fork
  • Cheers Cabrone!
    Yes...happy travels
  • Shrine
    Yes....UNHAPPY travels
  • Reporter and Military Spies
    Who are these dirtbag cyclists in our city?
  •  Military Spies
    Those are the eyes of an armed military soldier spying on us through the bunker
  • President Set in Stone
    A little monument to remember me.
  • Above the Clouds
    A high pass when you see mountaintops breaking through the clouds
  • Misfits
    Building abandoned by Misfits (amazing band)
  • Music
    In the park
  • Unenthusiastic Music
    Dad...do we really have to play another song?
  • Hammock Camping
    The owner of the land stopped to say hi.
  • Bomberos
    A The firefighters in Puerto Escondido gave us a place to stay for a few nights.
  • Mascota
    A little creature they caught in the mountains.
  • Mascota
    Tearing apart a wasps nest.
  • Valley Sunset
    Always a little climb to enjoy the view.
  • Oaxacan Coast
    Tempting beaches.
  • Ocean View
    A little monument to remember me A sliver of the magnificent Mexican Coastline.
  • Hammock Camping
    An incredible cocoon of camping innovation.
  • Camping
    Police gave us a place to stay in front of their building at the most bike friendly town we have encountered.
  • Angry Three Legged Turtle Wandering Around A Freeway
    Would be angrier if he got hit by a car..
  • Powerline Camping
    Nice spot to rig up some shelter.
  • Volcanic Singletrack
    Chupacabra in action.
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