Riding the Spine

  • Border Crossing
    Speeding into the US
  • Border Crossing
    It’s a race.
  • Lakeside camping
    Nice campsite after a lengthy uphill.
  • Lakeside
    Three people died here last winter in an avalanche
  • Overgrown Trails
    Let’s see an RVer drive through this
  • Reunion
    First time we’ve had visitors on our trip
  • Off Road
    Lost to the wilderness
  • Singletrack
    Slow going, but the views can’t be beat.
  • Horizons
    Started at the foot of the valley past the lake, earlier that morning
  • Rocky Mountains
    Can never get enough
  • Xtracycle
    Braving the cold snowy trails!
  • Town Welder: Fernie
    Czechoslovakian blacksmith fixes Xtracycle
  • Stream Crossing
    Had to break through a layer of ice at this one
  • Snowy trails
    Can it really be snowing already?.
  • Snow
    Where’s the trail?
  • Getting cold feet?
    I used to have toes, before they froze off
  • Permafrost
    Bikes were rendered useless, until we could chisel the frozen sludge on our bikes!
  • PR Man of Elko
    Jacob with the man with a frog in his throat
  • Front Tire
    Had a “little” extra resistance in the snowy conditions
  • Snowy path
    Maybe at the top of the pass it will be less snowy??
  • Steep snowy terrain
    Are we having fun yet?
  • Cresting the Continental Divide
    There are some big storms chasing us
  • Rocky Mountains
    Sean is stoked to be at the top!
  • Combating a Dreaded Social Disease
    A Montanan Anti-Meth Ad Campaign
  • Continental Divide
    Hey guys….my gears don’t shift and my brakes don’t work anymore.
  • Sunshine
    A little warmth never hurt anyone.
  • Priest Pass
    The second divide crossing of the day
  • Priest Pass
    Exhaustion from battling the snow
  • Great Divide Mountain Bike Route
    I think we’re going the right way!
  • Bike Repairs in Whitefish
    Taking over the courtyard of a bike shop
    Road isn’t big enough fer the two of us.
  • Snowy Trails
    Slow and steady on the ice..
  • Walking through snow
    When I was your age I had to walk to school in the snow up hill both directions
  • Snowy Wheel
    Aero-Snow wheels
  • Mud
    The only thing more difficult than riding through the snow
  • Derelict Wooden Bridge
    After getting lost through a snowy pass
  • Crash
    Sean slid off the road and flipped upside down, with the bike landing on top of him. (I couldn’t resist taking a picture)
  • Top of the hill
    The high point in our day..
  • Downhill
    It’s all downhill from here
  • Blizzard
    The bike woke up with a blanket of snow.
  • Goat
    He does not realize that in an hour or so his feet will be covered with frostbite.
  • Trailer Graffiti
    Intimidating words
  • Frozen Beard
    Sub-Zero Temperatures give you a nice white beard..
  • Sean
    Post-Crash Picture of a very frustrated bicycle tourist
  • Icy Trails
    With no brakes the icy descents are a bit dangerous.
  • Jacob
    Enjoying the last bit of warmth from the sun, before the temperatures plummet to -10 that night.
  • Big Sky Country
    Nice view of the mountains we’re glad to get out of for a stretch.
  • Double Exposure
    Old Car in the woods transposed over mile high mining site
  • Divide
    Not a big climb, but a worthy photo-op.
  • An Ancient CHevrolet
    This wreck once distributed petrol
  • Car Seats of the Past
    Metal coils bursting through rotting upholstery
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