Riding the Spine

  • Cerro Negro
    Cerro Negro and Famer
  • Cerro Negro
    Cerro Negro, sandy trails, and Russ
  • Volcanos
    Riding in the sandy blast zone alongside a chain of volcanos
  • Volcano and Laguna Asosta
    Beautiful Campsite and challenging trail riding
  • Volcanos and Laguna
    Early morning swim in the crater lake
  • Renaldo
    Tiene mucha resistencia...joined us for a stretch of riding
  • More ashy volcano trails
    More ashy volcano trails
  • Getting Off-road that is
    Locals said we probably donīt want to swim in the lake nearby, since they dump their sewage in it
  • Volcano Bound
    Nice riding through brick factories and the Nicaraguan countryside
  • Laguna Asososca
    Goat contemplating a swim
  • Nicaraguan Music
    Granada park jam session
  • Ometepe Riding
    Rural Ometepe and Volcano Concepcion in the background
  • Cowboy Country
    Another herd of cattle to pedal through...a day in the life of bicycle nomads
  • Platano
    That's a bundle of bananas
  • Country of Lakes and Volcanos
    Volcan Maderas, one of two volcanos forming the beautiful island paradise in the middle of Lago Nicaragua
  • Petroglyphs
    Discovered en Route to the crater lake on top of Volcano Maderas
  • Crater Lake
    A quick dip in the crater of a volcano
  • Ometepe Island
    A lake with an endless horizon of water and a perfectly formed volcano
  • Volcan Concepcion
    Spewing clouds in the air
  • Country of Lakes and Volcanos
    And beautiful bike trails!!!
  • Early Morning Profile
    Avoiding the midday sun
  • Sandy Trails
    Left in the dust (and sand) by the Chupacabra
  • Sunset
    Fisherman in Ometepe
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