Riding the Spine

  • Tajumulco
    Beginning of a long, grueling climb up the volcano
  • Tajumulco
    Rising above the clouds…starting to get steep.
  • Tajumulco
    Above the clouds….now is very steep.
  • Climbing Tajumulco
    Deep grooves mark a narrow singletrack.
  • Tajumulco in View
    So close…yet so far UP.
  • Tajumulco
    A tedious ascent across a steep meadow recovering from a fire
  • Tajumulco
    A tedious ascent up a STEEPER meadow..
  • Tajumulco
    At the first saddle.
  • Climbing Tajumulco
    Singletrack through the pines at high elevation.
  • Golden Mushroom
    Resembling the volcano
  • Tajumulco
    Climbing the ridge to another saddle
  • Chupacabra vs. Tajumulco
    A beast of burden on this rocky trail.
  • Sean
    Looking slick.
  • Hiking Tajumulco
    Sean hiking down the ridge of the volcano.
  • Sean
    Serenading Surly´s Big Dummy
  • Sunrise above the clouds
    Sunrise at around 13,000 feet
  • Sunrise
    Jacob´s mohawk getting in the view.
  • Sunrays
    Shining bright for a nice ride down the volcano.
  • Xtracycle & Surly Instigator & Tajumulco´s Crater
    Jacob´s bike enjoying the view.
  • Melodramatic Victory Shot
    Yes….melodramatic…but obligatory given the circumstances
  • Another Victory Shot
    After getting these bikes up to 13,845 feet it wasn´t easy lifting overhead
  • Volcanos
    Jacob, his bike, Tajumulco and it´s shadow…and another volcano.
  • Surly Instigator & Xtracycle
    Nice view of the bike, eh?."
  • Tajumulco Crater
    What´s a bike doing at the peak of a volcano crater?
  • Tajumulco Crater
    Jacob´s bike gets to enjoy the view as well.
  • Jacob´s Bike
    It´s true....his bike is a little vain...certainly not camera shy
  • Jacob and his bike on top of Tajumulco
    One last shot before descending the 13,845 foot monster volcano.
  • Bombing downhill
    Hoping his brakes work."
  • Hennessey Hammock SetUp Below Tajumulco
    Camping on the saddle in comfort
  • Tajumulco Casts it´s Shadow
    Difficult to capture the magnitude of this vista with a photo.
  • Hennessey Hammock
    Jacob´s home has a nice view this morning
  • Hammock Camping
    Hard not to find a nice campsite when all you need is a couple of trees
  • Group Photo
    10 second self timer portrait before completing the descent of Tajumulco."
  • Tajumulco Singletrack
    Sean shredding down Tajumulco
  • Sean & Goat
    Enjoying the Guatemalan bike touring.
  • Downhill
    Smooth flowy singletrack section with an unbeatable view
  • Goat
    Shredding through a narrow channel
  • A Happy Chupacabra
    Bombing downhill...not looking back
  • Tajumulco Lunch Break
    That was fun....Can we do it again?
  • Tacana Volcano
    Mountain rang meets the border of Mexico
  • Humungous Crater
    300 feet deep
  • Tajumulco Crater
    Clouds at our feet
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