Riding the Spine

  • Arches
    Slick Rocks
  • Slick Rock Bike Trails
    Sean overlooking the Green River.
  • Arches
    Balancing Rocks
  • Sean
    Still checking out the view.
  • Arches
    Sean and Goat.
  • Nice bike trail
    Arches bike tour
  • Hole in rock
    Arches has a bunch of ‘em.
  • Arches
    Yes…That’s right.. TWO holes in a rock
  • Moab Valley
    Slickrock and the snowy La Sal Mountains.
  • Sean
    Playing his guitar.
  • Public Park in Moab
    The coolest public park with beautiful musical instruments
  • Relaxing
    Inside a hole in a rock.
  • Arches
    Sun is setting
  • Public Park in Moab
    Fun instruments
  • Lumpy Rocks
    Plenty of ‘em.
  • Holes in Rocks
    And bike toursists hanging out
  • Balancing Rocks
    Looks like it just might tumble.
  • Campsite
    Beautiful Campsite
  • Epic Rocks
    Feels like another planet
  • A Bicycle Tow Truck
    Towed a bike 50 miles to meet a friend at a nearby town to ride bikes with.
  • A Welded Attachment
    Allows me to attach a bike to my Xtracycle
  • Wrong Way
    Xtracycle on Icy Creek
  • Sean
    Sliding through the creek.
  • Where’s the trail
    Follow the icy trail.
  • Kane Springs
    A bit snowy for the desert.
  • Pushing Bike
    The snow follows us.
  • Snow
    The Needles in the background
  • Snow
    Maybe it will be dry around the corner?
  • Hurrah Pass
    Happy to be camping.
  • Middle of Nowhere
    Abandoned militia training ground.
  • Sand
    I wish I had a PUGSLEY.
  • Sand
    A painful push-a-bike
  • Camping
    Nice spot, eh?
  • Red Rock Reflection
    Something is following me.
  • Profile of Sean
    It’s getting cold.
  • Goosenecks
    Nice meander.
  • Valley of the Gods
    Navajo memorial
  • Utah Beer
    Freezes quickly with such little alcohol.
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