Riding the Spine

  • On Camera
    West Yellowstone
  • JJ And Helen Yost
    Watching us pack up.
  • Yost Family
    Visiting the crew
  • A LONG goodbye
    Parting is such sweet sorrow.
  • Crossing the Divide
    Yellowstone was closed....except for us.
  • Sean @ Hotsprings
    Sean @ Hotsprings.
  • Psychadellic Mold
    Strange growths near hot springs in Yellowstone
  • Ice Sculpture
    Sculpted by a geyser in West Thumb.
  • Sunset
    A fiery beginning.
  • Sunset
    A fiery beginning.
  • Sunset
    Subtitling these gets old
  • Sunset
    More Psychadellic colors.
  • Sunset
    Eery visuals.
  • Sunset
    Amazing colors in the geyser pools at West Thumb.
  • Sunset
    Insert 1,000 words.
  • Sunset
    Looks like a toxic city is burning in the distance.
  • Sunset
    Insert another 1,000 words, because I'm out.
  • Pinedale
    The town turned out to be pretty cool, thanks to the friends we made
  • American Dream
    Speaks for itself
  • Desert Snow
    This is near where all the Morman pilgrims died en route to the promised land
  • Rock Springs
    The kindest folks this side of the Mississippi
  • Sunsets
    Explosive sky
  • Sunsets
    Explosive sky
  • DAMN
    PREcision Earthquake
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