Riding the Spine

  • Accosted in Dawson
    Friendly Cruise tourists accosted us and forced us to take a picture under the Robert Service poem
  • Aussie's and Sour Toes
    Some friendly Aussies we met while seeking Sour Toes. A cocktail which holds a real human toe that has fallen off due to frostbite. The rule is that your lips have to touch the gnarly salted black toe
  • Erin In Dawson
    Our couchsurfing friend allowed us to stay in her house for our stay in Dawson City
  • Erin of Dawson City
    Watching us slowly pack our gear
  • Sean with Clean TEETH
    Lovin' the '80's cycling shorts
  • Erin
    Cheerfully telling us about her hitchiking plans and her own bike tour plans soon to come.
  • Moonrise
    Beautiful moonrise after watching a huge bald eagle soar closely over our heads
  • Sean at the Rainbow
    He went speeding ahead for the pot of gold, thinking that it was too cold for the Leprechauns, but was unable to reach it in time.
  • Black Bear
    I promise there is a photo of a black bear on the side of the road.
  • Jacob's Bike
    So vain, it wants pictures of it taken.
  • Five Finger Rapids
    Group photo in front of a historical rapid next to Carmacks (Discoverer of gold in the Klondike) cabin.
  • No Crack Here
    We wondered how effective these signs were in Pelly Crossing, after being accosted by a crack dealer outside the grocery store
  • Campsite
    We often find ourselves camping on the access roads underneath power lines because they are usually flat.
  • Bike?
    It seemed like the embankment was trying to tell us something.
  • SHhhhh...it's a secret
    We pondered this sign for a bit as we left.
  • Shortcut
    Sean loved the incredibly steep uphill even more than he liked this downhill.
  • Nice day for a shortcut
    It was actually shorter, but it was absolutely more steep.
  • Shortcut
    Any route that cuts 10 kilometers off your trail is worth taking pictures of..
  • Excellent view
    A burden of bicycling. Incredible vista after another. Tough work enjoying such nice scenery.
  • Uhhh
    I guess I was inspired to take a picture. Theoretically worth a thousand words, yet i'm at a loss.
  • Grizzly Sean
    We found this haggard character coming out of his cabin along the way. He smelled awful.
  • Nice cabin
    How'd ya like to winter over in there?
  • Sunset
    Amazing sunset preceeding an incredible display of northern lights.
  • Bike
    Enjoying another beautiful view.
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