Riding The Spine

Gear Review Section :

     Equipment is the foundation upon which any expedition is built. Without our bikes, we certainly wouldn’t be “riding” the spine. Accordingly, choosing equipment is perhaps the most difficult part of this sort of trip. Daily life becomes routine – whether you are slaving from 9-5 in a cubicle, or riding a bike around the world. Choosing the right gear spares you from the constant irritation of relying on something that performs poorly. This crucial task is further complicated by the vast array of products, constant “innovations,” and slight tweaks which flood the market. Our lifestyles have afforded us enough experience with gear to keep us from chasing the mirage of the “new and improved.”

    SIMPLICITY, DURABILITY and DESIGN have proven the most important qualifications for effective gear. Too much “adventure gear” is designed for the short term, with no intention of holding up to the rigors of daily use. But, no-matter how sturdy and simple something is, if its design is unable to adapt to your varying needs, it is useless. Your life can depend on the equipment that you choose and there are not replacement parts in the backcountry.

    Choosing effective gear that will last requires an impossible amount of foresight to prepare for all the unimagined contingencies. But, by in large we have chosen quite well, by virtue of luck, or our rather extensive past experience with outdoor living. The equipment we have chosen has/will go through a trial of fire and ice. We intend to share our experiences with the gear that has risen to the test, or failed – in the hope that it will help other folks make good choices for their own excursions big or small.