Riding The Spine



WEND Magazine

            Jacob contributes a story about RTS kayaking from Panama to Colombia. Volume 4, Issue 4, Winter 2009-2010 .


Adventure World Magazine

            Jacob writes a section on Bike Touring Tips. Issue 4, 2009.


Adventure World Magazine

            Jacob contributes a story about their travels in "Riding the Crooked Spine". Issue #51 - September/October 2009


Adventure World Magazine

            Jacob publishes feature article about travels in Panama. Issue 81, July/August 2009.


Adventure World Magazine

            Jacob publishes feature article, "Huairasinchi Adventure Race" Issue 2, 2009.


Adventure World Magazine

            Jacob publishes another misadventure in the "It Happened to Me" column, December, 2008.


Union Democrat

            Article in the local paper of Goatīs hometown about the bike trip, December, 2008.


Adventure World Magazine

            Jacob gets an article published in the "It Happened to Me" column, September, 2008.


Adventure Travel Magazine

            Jacob publishes an article about the Spiners descent of Tajumulco Volcano. Issue 76, 2008.


National Geographic Traveler

            An interview with Jacob on National Geographic Travelerīs Blog: Intelligent Travel - The Blog About Authentic and Sustainable Travel. January 9th, 2008.


Northwest Voice Newspaper

            An article from a newspaper of Jacobīs hometown, Bakersfield. December 31st, 2007.


WEND Magazine

            WEND Publishes an article Jacob wrote about the Copper Canyon Section of the trip. Volume 2, Issue 3, Summer 2007.


Despertar del Sur

            En Tlapehyuala, ciclistas que salieron de Alaska hacia Chile. August 24th, 2007.


Sirius Satellite Radio

            Sirius Satellite Radio: Channel 114. March 20th, 2007. 8:10 PM.

           Discussed on the Lazy Environmentalist


Arizona Republic

            Canyon Ride means detour to jail. Writes Dennis Wagner in a very negatively written article. March 2nd, 2007


Saturday Night Magazine

            Saturday Night Magazine. February 2007


Sirius Satellite Radio

            Hammer Nutrition Newsletter. February 2007 Issue 053.


Sirius Satellite Radio

            Jacob gets a story about being chased by the wolf published in Adventure Cyclist. January 2007.


San Francisco Chronicle

            Wolves, wrecks just part of this bike trek. Tom Stiestra of San Francisco Chronicle writes about our adventures.


Santa Cruz Metro

            Laura Mattingly writes about our adventure. November 8-15, 2006


Eco Magazine

            Sean Published a story about our adventure in Alaska. September 29, 2006


Fairbanks Daily News Miner

            Jacob chased by a wolf on the haul road. July 27, 2006