Riding The Spine


This barefoot, travellin', freighthoppin', raftin', treehousin´, mechanic, adventurer extraordinaire comes from the once gold rich hills in a small mountain town known as Murphy's, CA.

Raised in an alternative lifestyle by his adventure seeking parents, he has become quite accustomed to living on the fringe of society.

Without the comfortably numbing effect of television, he has sought to experience the world in it's fullest sense.

There is never a dull moment around this character.

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Born and raised in Bakersfield, CA; a town made famous by Buck Owens and the Buckaroos. He terrorized the suburban streets on his bmx as a kid and went off to college at UCSC and found a new love with mountain biking.

Absent of the searing heat of the suburban blacktop, this character began to explore the world to it's fullest. From adventures in the Caribbean to Central America and across the United States by rail.

Marathon runner, wanderer, freighthopper, history teacher, tree climber, treehouse dweller, longboarder.

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Native of Los Angeles, this character found his way to UCSC in 2002 and recently graduated with a degree in History.

His academic interests involved learning about the development of media representation throughout the world

He has an affinity for Scotch and single speed bikes. He is also an excellent photogropher and plans on bringing his 35mm camera to document our travels.

Look forward to some of his photo galleries along the way. Sean is a remarkably creative individual who will have a lot to offer this journey.

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