Riding The Spine

"Steel-Legged Gringo" :

   Sean Monterastelli was born in Los Angeles, California on January 15, 1984. Growing up in the San Fernando Valley he attended Chaminade College preparatory and took classical piano lessons for eight years.

   In 2002, Sean enrolled in the University of California Santa Cruz as an intended literature major, yet eventually graduated with a degree in History -with a concentration in Asia. Whenever possible he has directed his studies to focus on comparing the development of news media throughout the regions of the world.

   In summer of 2005, he traveled to Morocco for two months, where he studied Islamic culture, Andalusian music, and attended the Gnauoa music festival. During the last two years of his college career, Sean lived mainly in the Santa Cruz forests; sleeping on a platform eighty feet high in a redwood tree and hiking to class each morning.

   Since moving to Santa Cruz his love of nature and desire to preserve its inherent tranquility has grown exponentially. In his spare time, Sean enjoys cooking large meals for many people, brewing beer and mead, and biking up monstrous hills on low gears. He hopes this epic journey from Alaska to Chile will allow him to develop skills in journalistic writing as well as photographic technique, and general life lessons.