Riding The Spine

Send us an email, ride a leg of the journey with us, share a couch for us to sleep on, etc. We would love to share this experience with as many people as possible. Your support, in whatever form will absolutely be appreciated.



Help Support Us On Our Journey:

We are currently accepting donations of positive encouragement, cash (or check), karma, places to sleep, meals to eat, people to see, etc.

We will surely be scrounging our way through this adventure. Savvy shoestring travellers we are, but there will be a lot of unexpected expenses with bike parts, food, gear, etc. There are lots of things that would make our life a bit more comfortable.

If you feel inspired to donate to our trip, your funds would surely not be wasted. You can support us via Paypal or check..


To support us with a check, please email us for an address to send it.


A Special thanks to the individuals who have helped us along the way.

Pres & Jean Burdette, Brad & Kim Thompson, June Yost, Helen & John Yost, Barbara Yost, Aly Moyer, Sue Rainier, George and Buffy, Lisa & Art Monterastelli, Spencer Wright, Hunter and the rest of the Bike Coop kids for their help, Kyle #21, Oleg & Igor, Mike McCann, Red Mike, Kris & Birch, Cooner, Bob & Patty Burdette, Daniell Burgess, Dan from Roadhouse Bar in Ft. Nelson, Leigh, Tanya in Jasper for being our superhero, John of Nevada City, Annie & Hillary of Whitefish, Justin in Helena, David Ripley, James for the spatula, Uncle K.C., Tom Sanderson, The Swifts, Matt Hebbard, Brett Van Alsburg, Richard Paperno, Robert Levin, Brian of Moab Brewery, Audrey Glasgow, Dan Lankford, Scott Waterman, Brian Dinger, Larry Laura Jr, Roger & Holly Orman, Dan Moyer, Abigail Bruner, Samuel Cole, Armando Valencia Chan (Our Beloved Mexican Family), Rocky Rudolph, Chad Hummer, Chris Hickok, Aunt Brenda, Thomas Templeton, Team Hobo, Blaire for the shreddin, Steve Garro with Coconino Cycles, Ryan Silvagio, Olga Guerrero, Marsha Pack, Amy Christiano, Ian Hopper, Johnathan Pratt, Chema of El Grullo, Cadena del Oro, Stephane Herbert-Fort, Chloe in Patagonia Aaron Galloway, Derek Wolfe, Kevin McDermott, Maria of Moab, Dan Gitomer, Deejay Birch, Jake Kirkpatrick, Jim Greeley, Donna Batt, Linda Wood, Bill West the 66 year old hitchiker, Gary and Mary, Consuelo Fimbres, Nuno Pedrosa, Coleen Lawler, Richard Gardner, Chucho of Uruapan, The Zimmermans, Ed Foster, Bikus, Arlo of Ordinary Bikes, Rim Cyclery in Moab, Fetish Cycles, The Spencers, Greg & Rachel, Our friends from Union de Tula, Diane from MSR. Rob Wells, Pancho from Moctezuma, David Christiano, John Moyer, Arnold Chin Stephan Herbert Fort Mark Waterman, Evan Atlas, Abe Zimmerman, Tim Lupfer, Josh Maus, Cynthia Lee Perry, Doogie, Evan Cushing, Peter Beard, Beto, Our human rights worker friends in Rabinal, Martin and the rafting crew in Lanquin, Rachel Kates, Robert Sobak, Eric Woodward, Gary Gyorkos, Laurne Miller, Clay Abney, Linda Graham-Fessenden, Dan Lankford, Juan David Botero of Medellin, Martin and Claudia of Medellin, Diego of Manizales, Bisoņos the Bicycle Scientist, Eric Woodward, Robert Sobak, Rachel Kates, Brett Marty, kevin Santora, Tom Palmer, Nicole Sanderson, Gary Gyorkos, Dan Feinstein, Rick Pickett, John Hanson, Jon Freeman, Justin Brown, F Annaert, Timothy Carter, Celeste Cobena, Stewart Saunders, Anthony Peterson, Adeena Jacoby, Thomas Templeton, Phil Bellman, Matt Johnson of Baraaza, Scott Mmakson, The Kramers, The Farmers, Michael Rousselet, Scott Waterman, The Kawczynskis, Kristin Guerrero, Olga Guerrero, BaseCampAdventure.com, and many more.